5 Benefits of Using Video on Your Website

Let’s talk about the use of video on your business website to differentiate you from your competitors, boost traffic and enhance your overall business brand.

Here are 5 benefits to having a professionally filmed video on your business website:

  1. New and existing customers:  This is your opportunity to clearly communicate who you are, and what you can do for your customers.  It’s all part of your branding strategy in helping you carve a niche for your business in reaching your ideal target client.  Videos use a multi-sensory approach, i.e. sight AND sound, to more effectively convey your competitive edge.
  2. The human side of business:  As I’ve said time and time again, people buy from people they like…it’s really that simple.  And there’s no better way to convey the full scope of emotion and personality then in a multi-dimensional setting, via a professional shot and edited video.  Video allows you to connect on a more personal level, as your audience can actually see how you look, act and sound.
  3. SEO:  Video is an import part of all search engine optimization when ranking pages.  Search engines and people adore video.  Plus, you can not only post video on your business website, but you can also cross promote on other video search engines like YouTube, which is the 2nd largest search engine, next to Google.  This cross promotion boosts SEO results and provides numerous ways for you to reach your potential audience.
  4. Website experience:  If done correctly, having a video on your website will improve a visitor’s overall experience.  It’s important to have it integrate seamlessly into your site and in the correct section.  A company intro video should be on your home page; a how-to video should be on the service/product page that you are highlighting, etc.  Also be aware of the length of your video.  A business intro video should be 30-90 seconds, where a how-to video can be longer.
  5. Potential customers:  Let’s be real…video is impressive.  It can make your business appear bigger, better and more professional. A quality video on your business website indicates to potential customers that you are a quality company.

The most effective videos have well-prepared content, shot on high-definition video equipment, and include expert pre- and post-production including editing, graphics and sound effects to name a few.

At Long Story Short, we’re experts at producing high-quality business videos that get noticed.  Check out our services to highlight just some of things we can do to help your business be successful.

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About: Long Story Short delivers high-quality business videos for use on the web, mobile, social media and television.  As a video production services company, we create digital media storytelling and marketing for small and medium-sized businesses located in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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