Why make a personal history documentary?



photo_coupleYour parents are part of the continuing story of your family. By making a permanent record of your loved one’s life, you are ensuring that present and future generations will know who they are and feel connected to your family’s history. Having a live video of your parents telling stories, visiting childhood places and talking about the highlights of their lives brings them to life, and becomes your gift to your family and a legacy they will treasure.

Everyone can participate in the making of a personal history and create the stories in a formal, organized fashion. What a gift it is to hear what life was like before TV, during the Depression, or WWII. It’s important to occasionally take time out of our busy lives and appreciate the people closest to us – our family. Sometimes we are too busy to sit, listen, and enjoy being with the people we love. Filming these stories while they are still with us will bring out their personalities in a way that photographs or letters cannot. It’s such a great gift for you and all the members of your family.